Europa28 : Writing by Women on the Future of Europe

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by Cleave, Sarah, Hughes, Sophie, Slimani, Leila, Cottam, Hilary, Dwan, Lisa, Ikstena, Nora, Pessoa, An


Published 12/03/2020 by Comma Press in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 256 pages

197 x 129 x 24mm | 298g

'To be European,' writes Leila Slimani, 'is to believe that we are, at once, diverse and united, that the Other is different but equal.' Despite these high ideals, however, there is a growing sense that Europe needs to be fixed, or at the least seriously rethought. The clamour of rising nationalism - alongside widespread feelings of disenfranchisement - needs to be addressed if the dreams of social cohesion, European integration, perhaps even democracy are to be preserved. This anthology brings together 28 acclaimed women writers, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs from across the continent to offer new perspectives on the future of Europe, and how it might be rebuilt. Featuring essays, fictions and short plays, Europa28 asks what it means to be European today and demonstrates - with clarity and often humour - how women really do see things differently.