Outposts of Diplomacy : A History of the Embassy

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by Berridge, G R

History: specific events & topics

Published 01/03/2024 by REAKTION BOOKS in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 256 pages, 60 illustrations

166 x 242 x 32mm | 652g

This compelling history traces the evolution of the embassy from its ancient origins to its enduring presence in the modern world. Beginning with the embassy’s precursors in antiquity, Outposts of Diplomacy explores its emergence on the cusp of the Italian Renaissance, its pinnacle during the nineteenth century and its navigation through the challenges of twentieth-century conference diplomacy.

G. R. Berridge investigates how this European institution adapted its staffing, architecture and communication methods to changing international landscapes, including the tumultuous wars of religion and encounters in East Asia. He also describes the expansion of the embassy’s responsibilities, such as providing diplomatic cover for intelligence operations. Infused with vibrant anecdotes of remarkable individuals and influential family dynasties, this book offers a profusely illustrated exploration of the embassy’s rich history.