The Good Drinker : How I Learned to Love Drinking Less

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by Chiles, Adrian

Society & social sciences

Published 06/10/2022 by Profile Books Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 256 pages

515 x 212 x 43mm | 366g

As heard on BBC Radio 4 and RTE Radio 1A WATERSTONES BEST FOOD AND DRINK BOOK OF 2022'An easy read mixture of wit and wisdom ... should be read by all who drink more than the limit' Prof David Nutt, author of Drink? The New Science of Alcohol and Your HealthThe popular broadcaster and columnist sets out to discover the unsung pleasures of drinking in moderation.

The recommended alcohol limit is 14 units a week. Adrian Chiles used to put away almost 100. Ever since he was a teenager, drinking was his idea of a good time - and not just his, but seemingly the whole nation's. Still, it wasn't very good for him: the doctor made that clear. If you lined them up, Adrian must have knocked back three miles of drinks. How many of them had he genuinely wanted? A mile?There's an awful lot of advice out there on how to quit booze completely. If you just want to drink a bit less, the pickings are slim. Yet while the alcohol industry depends on a minority of problem drinkers, the majority really do enjoy in moderation. What's their secret? Join the inimitable Chiles as he sets out around Britain and plumbs his only slightly fuzzy memories of a lifetime in pubs in a quest to find the good drinker within.