The Postcard : The international bestseller

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by Berest, Anne, Kover, Tina

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Published 05/10/2023 by Europa Editions (UK) Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 480 pages

162 x 234 x 43mm | 694g

A moving novel from the bestselling author of HOW TO BE PARISIAN WHEREVER YOU ARE'A deeply moving book.' -LEILA SLIMANI *** 'A powerful exploration of family trauma.' -LAUREN ELKIN'A work of rare grace and importance.'-THE GUARDIANIn January 2003, the Berest family receive a mysterious, unsigned postcard. On one side was an image of the Opera Garnier; on the other, the names of their relatives who were killed in Auschwitz: Ephraim, Emma, Noemie and Jacques.

Years later, Anne sought to find the truth behind this postcard. She journeys 100 years into the past, tracing the lives of her ancestors from their flight from Russia following the revolution, their journey to Latvia, Palestine, and Paris, the war and its aftermath. What emerges is a thrilling and sweeping tale based on true events that shatters her certainties about her family, her country, and herself.

At once a gripping investigation into family secrets, a poignant tale of mothers and daughters, and an enthralling portrait of 20th-century Parisian intellectual and artistic life, The Postcard tells the story of a family devastated by the Holocaust and yet somehow restored by love and the power of storytelling.

READER REVIEWS'I am rarely moved to tears by books, but the Postcard had me twice. It is so intensely moving, so cleverly structured, and so gripping. This is one of the best books I have read in years.' -Tom, Mr B's Emporium bookseller'One of the best books I've ever read.' -Naomi, Netgalley'This extraordinary 'true novel' is a must-read.' -Aoife, Netgalley'Powerful, painful, important... Highly recommend.' -Stephen, Amazon'This book is more than the blurb, quotes and taglines. It is a feeling to felt, something to be passed on, something to be reflected and something to show the importance in remembering and reading.' -Lucy, Waterstones bookseller'A beautiful masterpiece.' -Beth, Amazon