Percival Everett by Virgil Russell

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by Everett, Percival


Published 21/03/2024 by PAN MACMILLAN (Picador) in the United Kingdom as part of the Picador Collection series.

Paperback | 288 pages

197 x 130 x 16mm | 200g

Finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book PrizeFinalist for the PEN / Faulkner Award for FictionPercival Everett by Virgil Russell is a story inside a story inside a story. A man visits his ageing father in a nursing home, where his father writes the novel he imagines his son would write. Or is it the novel that the son imagines his father would imagine, if he were to imagine the kind of novel the son would write?Not only is Percival Everett by Virgil Russell a powerful, compassionate meditation on old age and its humiliations, it is an ingenious culmination of Everett’s recurring preoccupations. All of his prior work, his metaphysical and philosophical enquiries, his investigations into the nature of narrative, have led to this masterful book.

Part of the Picador Collection, a series celebrating fifty years of Picador books and showcasing the best of modern literature.