Virginia Woolf

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by Harris, Alexandra

Biography: literary

Published 01/02/2024 by Thames & Hudson Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 192 pages, 46 Illustrations, black and white

128 x 198 x 17mm | 176g

An accessible introduction to a writer whose work is of timeless significance and whose unconventional life is a continuous source of fascination.

In 1907, when she was twenty-five and not yet a published novelist, Virginia Stephen had everything still to prove. She felt herself to be at a crossroads: ‘I shall be miserable, or happy; a wordy sentimental creature, or a writer of such English as shall one day burn the pages.’ Today her prose is still blazing; perhaps it burns brighter than ever.

This is the story of how a determined young woman with a notebook became one of the greatest writers of all time. It is a story that sparkles with wit and friendship, language and love, wicked jokes and passionate appreciation of ordinary things. Hers was a life lived with intensity from moment to moment, courageous and defiant of convention, and shaped into the lasting patterns of art.

Considering each of Woolf’s novels in context, this gripping account shows why, eighty years after her death, Virginia Woolf continues to haunt and inspire us.