Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Student Learning: A Guided 5-Week Course

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by Millard, Lorraine, Frith, Louise, Coleman, Patmarie

Children's, Teenage & educational

Published 27/01/2023 by OPEN UNIVERSITY PRESS in the United Kingdom.

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'I am so glad that this book has been written! [...] A highly practical book, easily accessible for others to use with their students.'Dr Elisabeth Curling, Senior Lecturer in Immunology, School of Biosciences, University of Kent, UK'[This book] will enable students across the globe to improve their well-being. Highly recommended.'Dr Julia Ronder, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist'This book is a fascinating and practical guide to mindfulness for students. I would thoroughly recommend reading it if you are a student yourself, or an educator looking to help students with their mental wellbeing.'Dr Jacqueline Buchanan, GP Partner and Medical Student EducatorAs the challenges facing students continue to grow, the importance of mindfulness for academic and personal success is gaining recognition. Yet many students and their teachers remain unclear on how to implement mindfulness techniques successfully. Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Student Learning is a 5-week introduction to mindfulness to support students' learning and wellbeing. Adapted from several mindfulness programmes, the book aims to help students cope with the various demands of university life and provide them with a wellbeing toolkit. Included are an array of mindfulness techniques proven to help improve focus, manage stress, regulate emotions and manage procrastination, to name a few.

The book:*Introduces a 5-week guided programme to teach students about wellbeing*Contains numerous interactive mindfulness exercises*Provides structured wellbeing lesson plans complete with resources *Draws on the real experiences and feedback of studentsThis book is an essential resource for students and aims to equip them with invaluable skills to overcome the anxieties and stresses of university life. No matter the subject, this book will help students to build academic and personal resilience, helping them to thrive at university and beyond. It is also a perfect book for teachers or personal tutors looking to set up mindfulness groups or simply support their students during these challenging times.

Lorraine Millard has been a psychotherapist for over 35 years, a mindfulness teacher for 15 years and has taught over 150 mindfulness courses. She designed and delivers the 5-week course at the University of Kent, UK.

Louise Frith is an Academic Skills Tutor at the University of York, UK, specialising in writing for academic purposes. She has published two previous books: Professional Writing for Social Workers, 2nd edition (2021) and The Student's Guide to Peer Mentoring (2017).

Patmarie Coleman has previously taught for 22 years on person-centred courses, is a senior counsellor at the University of Kent, UK and also runs a private supervision practice in Southeast London, UK. Patmarie was trained by Lorraine in Mindfulness and has completed further training with the Mindfulness Network. Patmarie authored the chapter: Intersectional, Anti-Racist and Intercultural Approaches by Therapists of Colour, for Therapy in Colour (2023)