On Purpose : Ten Lessons on the Meaning of Life

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by Hutchinson, Ben

Literature & literary studies

Published 14/09/2023 by HarperCollins Publishers (Fourth Estate Ltd) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 208 pages

137 x 206 x 24mm | 278g

Ten brief essays on how reading and meaningfully engaging with literature can help us live better, more purposeful lives.

How do we live successfully?

How do we live fully?

Identifying the meaning of life and where we are heading preoccupies all of us at some stage or another. Who better to help us articulate this sense of direction than the most articulate people among us? Writers and thinkers, Ben Hutchinson suggests in this sparkling new book, help us reflect on purpose.

Interweaving his own (mis-)adventures with those of major authors such as T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf and R.M. Rilke, Hutchinson proposes ten ways in which reading and writing encourage us to ask difficult questions, project our minds into the past and future, and see ourselves and others differently. Engaging and aphoristic, this book is for anyone who finds themselves wondering how to live more mindfully, more forcefully - more fully.