Sisters of Moonlight : Book 2

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by Livesey, Katherine

United Kingdom, Great Britain

Published 14/04/2022 by HarperCollins Publishers (One More Chapter) in the United Kingdom as part of the Sisters of Shadow series.

Paperback | 352 pages

128 x 198 x 28mm | 248g

Anne of Green Gables meets Diana Wynne Jones in this whimsical fantasy adventure perfect for teen readers.

Each step was like an old familiar song...

Still recovering from the inferno that consumed Kelseth lighthouse, apothecary Lily Knight, powerful witch Alice Blackwell, and their newfound family find refuge in a mysterious mist-wreathed castle to regroup and draw up a plan of action.

Because the shadows are closing in and Hecate Winter, High Priestess of the notorious coven that almost cost Alice her life, is only getting stronger...

But there are murmurings of an even more sinister threat brewing on the horizon - and it has something to do with the castle.

When Alice's nightmares begin to bleed into her daily reality, everything changes.

Can Lily pull her back from the edge or will she finally succumb to the darkness?

Here's what readers are saying:

'Absolutely loved it ... There were stories within stories ... like a tangled plait of hair. A plait that unravelled as certain characters' stories went off in different directions only to be weaved carefully back together towards the end of the book. It was a total page turner' Lisa, NetGalley

'Extraordinary. Outstanding ... absolutely amazing ... just wow! This book is exquisite' Michelle, NetGalley

'I couldn't put it down ... It was well-written with an engaging and captivating storyline and well-developed characters that I think children will love' Aria, NetGalley

'This was absolutely delightful. The plot was well-paced and captivating from start to finish. The characters were charming and witty. I highly recommend this fun and quick read!' Jessica, NetGalley

'I loved the pace, sweeping me along but also giving enough time to pause and enjoy the characters ... I was thrilled to be going on another journey with them' Charleigh, NetGalley

'I enjoyed spending time again with Alice, Lily and the rest ... I can't wait to find out what Hecate's endgame is' Karin, NetGalley