How to be French : Eat, drink, dress, travel and love la vie francaise

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by Marsh, Janine


Published 26/10/2023 by Smith Street Books in Australia as part of the How to be… series.

Hardback | 216 pages

146 x 203 x 29mm | 622g

What does it mean to be French? Is it pausing to enjoy a glass of good wine or a spread of cheese? A flâneur down laneways steeped in history? Knowing just how to dress so you always look effortlessly chic? This book is a celebration of the French lifestyle – an education in drinking to savour the moment, travelling indulgently, and cherishing food and culture. A lesson in the joy of taking things slowly. We may not all live in France, but anyone can learn how to be un petit plus français with this guide by Janine Marsh.