Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds : 2

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by Clare, Horatio

Children's, Teenage & educational

Published 15/05/2017 by Firefly Press Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the Aubrey series.

Paperback | 212 pages, black and white illustrations throughout

129 x 189 x 19mm | 234g

The ladybirdz arrive in Woodside Terrace, and Aubrey's Easter holidays get complicated. Ariadne the spider asks Aubrey to help. Something Must Be Done, but first Aubrey sucks the swallow stone which makes him small enough for daring flights on the back of Hirundo the Swallow and amazing adventures in the Web of Time and Space. Add in Bernardo the bee, Eric the earthworm and a whole conference of ravens, and you have the start of an epic tale in which a small boy and a house spider try to save the world!