Mega Robo Bros 3: Robot Revenge

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by Cameron, Neill

Comic strip fiction / graphic novels (Children's / Teenage)

Published 03/03/2022 by David Fickling Books in the United Kingdom as part of the Mega Robo Bros series.

Paperback | 208 pages

212 x 142 x 15mm | 370g

Previously published as Mega Robo Revenge but now reformatted in a longer, chunkier package with brand new content, Robot Revenge is an unmissable adventure for graphic novel fans.


The Mega Robo Bros have a new and deadly threat to deal with - a half-destroyed robot called Wolfram, who is out for revenge!He's lured Alex and Freddy into a trap - so he can attack London!Will they be able to escape and save the day?And why is Wolfram so determined to get to their mum?