Summertime, All the Cats Are Bored

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by Georget, Philippe

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Published 20/05/2021 by Europa Editions (UK) Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 432 pages

129 x 196 x 34mm | 312g

A COMPELLING AND ADDICTIVE PAGETURNER TO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THIS SUMMER “He waits joylessly, patiently, and lets himself go. The stone house may end up being his grave. Who’s doing what, who’s chasing who? Who is the mouse, and who’s the cat?” It’s the middle of a long hot summer on the French Mediterranean shore and the town is full of tourists.

Two tired cops who are being slowly devoured by dull routine and family worries, deal with the day’s misdemeanours and petty complaints at the Perpignan police headquarters without a trace of enthusiasm. Out of the blue, a young Dutch woman is brutally murdered on the beach, and another disappears without a trace in the alleys of the city. A serial killer obsessed with Dutch women? The media goes wild.

Gilles Sebag finds himself thrust into the middle of a diabolical game. If he intends to salvage something―anything―he will have to put aside his personal worries, forget his suspicions of his wife’s unfaithfulness, ignore his heart murmur, get over his existential angst.

WHAT READERS ARE SAYING:“Gilles Sebag is a superb detective. The world of crime is balanced with family life.” – Lanna on Amazon“Subtle yet effective in building suspense.” – Deb on Goodreads“If you're looking for a good read - whether on holiday or not - you can't do much better than this.” – David on Amazon