Elizabeth of York: The Last White Rose : Tudor Rose Novel 1

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by Weir, Alison


Published 16/02/2023 by Headline Publishing Group (Headline Review) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 544 pages

131 x 198 x 38mm | 386g

The captivating new Tudor novel from Alison Weir, Sunday Times bestselling author of Six Tudor Queens. 'Alison Weir gives us her most compelling heroine yet... This is where the story of the Tudors begins' Tracy Borman'History has the best stories and they should all be told like this' Conn Iggulden'A stunning read, and the perfect piece of historical fiction' Reader review'This is novel that captured my imagination, educated me and emotionally moved me' Reader review---A princess born into a war between two families...

Firstborn of the royal House of York, Elizabeth dreams of wearing a crown. But in England, queens do not rule.

When her beloved father, King Edward, dies suddenly, his brother seizes power. Two young princes disappear into the Tower. Yet another claimant seeks the crown, the upstart heir of the rival House of Lancaster. Marriage to this Henry Tudor would unite their warring families - and help Elizabeth to the throne she knows is hers by right.

A glorious new age awaits. Now Elizabeth must choose her allies wisely as she fights to become mother and queen of a great new dynasty.

Elizabeth of York.

The first Tudor queen.

Her story.


'I found her an inspirational woman, full of strength...I truly adored this book''She becomes the matriarch of the Tudor destiny after a series of intrigue, conflict, and most likely murder... a brilliant read''Alison Weir's writing just makes history that bit more exciting and accessible' 'It was refreshing to read such a detailed and informative book of an almost forgotten Queen' 'An amazing read as expected from Alison Weir, she breathes life into Elizabeth and those around her'