Mindbend : A Heart-Racing and Gripping Thriller from the Master of the Medical Mystery

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by Cook, Robin

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Published 11/01/2024 by PAN MACMILLAN (Pan Books) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 336 pages

197 x 130mm | 230g

Utterly chilling. Frighteningly plausible. Mindbend is a classic of medical horror that could come only from New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook.

When young dancer Jennifer Schonberg becomes pregnant by accident, her feelings are mixed – but her husband, Adam, feels even more conflicted. As a third-year medical student already in financial straits, the loss of Jennifer’s income and the cost of the coming child means he must drop out of medical school – on the eve of becoming a doctor.

Against the advice of his teachers and his wife, Adam takes a job as a salesman for the powerful drug company Arolen Pharmaceuticals, whose influence reaches far into the physician’s world. Just how awesome Arolen’s control is over the medical profession Adam is yet to discover. But it will become all too clear in a series of increasingly terrifying revelations.

Awaiting Adam at the end of his violent odyssey is a confrontation grave beyond imagining, in which the survival of Jennifer’s unborn child hangs in the balance and he must fight to save his family – and the soul of medicine – from an overwhelming evil . . .