A Little History of Psychology

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by Hayes, Nicky


Published 02/04/2024 by YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS in the United States as part of the Little Histories series.

Hardback | 288 pages, 40 b-w illus.

220 x 150 x 30mm | 560g

A rich and engaging guide to psychology, the science devoted to understanding human nature   What really drives our decisions? Where do language and memory come from? Why do our minds sometimes seem to work against us? Psychologists have long attempted to answer these questions, seeking to understand human behaviour, feelings, and thoughts. But how to explore something so elusive?   In this fascinating history, leading expert Nicky Hayes tells the story of psychology across the centuries and around the world. Hayes introduces key thinkers, including Carl Jung, Anna Freud, Frantz Fanon, and Daniel Kahneman. We see how they tried to expand our understanding, from Pavlov and his dogs to Milgram and his famous electric shock experiments to the CIA’s secret mind-control projects. Hayes explores key concepts like child development, the inferiority complex, and PTSD and shows how psychological research has been used for both good and ill.

  This Little History shines a light on the ever-advancing study of psychology, how the field has evolved over time—and how much more we need to learn.