Butterflies and Moths

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by Carter, David

Lifestyle, sport & leisure

Published 06/04/2023 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK) in the United Kingdom as part of the DK Handbooks series.

Paperback | 304 pages

215 x 147 x 20mm | 554g

The clearest and sharpest recognition guide to over 500 butterfly and moth species from around the world. Authoritative text, crystal-clear photography, and a systematic approach make this the most comprehensive and concise pocket guide to the butterflies and moths of the world. Packed with more than 600 full-colour photographs of over 500 species, this handy reference book is designed to cut through the process of identification and help you to recognize a species quickly and easily. Expertly written and thoroughly vetted, each entry combines a precise description with annotated photographs to highlight the characteristics and distinguishing features of each butterfly or moth, while also providing at-a-glance facts for quick reference. Dive straight into this nifty nature book to discover: - Each entry includes at-a-glance facts for quick reference.

- Close-up photography shows key details and highlights distinguishing features, showing upper- and undersides and males and females where distinct.

- Includes beautifully detailed illustrations of caterpillars for some species, so you can spot the species at any time of lifeThe introduction explains the difference between butterflies and moths, details the life cycle from egg to adult, rearing your own specimens, and offers guidance for finding and observing live specimens in the wild. A concise glossary defines technical and scientific terms. Compact enough to take out into the field, DK Handbooks: Butterflies & Moths makes identifying these beautiful insects easier than ever before.