The Brain Book

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by Drew, Dr Liam

Society & social sciences

Published 06/05/2021 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK Children) in the United Kingdom as part of The Science Book series.

Hardback | 72 pages

223 x 284 x 13mm | 556g

A fun, fact-packed introduction to the brain and nervous system for young science enthusiasts.

The brain - a wrinkly, spongy mass the size of a cauliflower that sits in our heads and controls everything we do! Discover what its made of, how it works and why we even need one in this fun, fact-packed introduction to the brain. Inside the pages of this STEM book for children aged 7-9, budding young scientists will discover:- An age-appropriate introduction to the brain, what it is, what it does, how it works, and how it evolved- All about how scientists study the brain and nervous system- Introduces concepts like how we think, what consciousness is, and how the brains of other animals are different - Encourages young readers to develop an interest in STEM fields - including biology, medicine, and science- Each page is filled with engaging photographs and artworks with easy to understand text Filled with colourful illustrations and bite-sized chunks of information, this book covers all your questions on everything from the anatomy of the brain and nervous system, to how information is collected and sent around the body. Also, explore questions about the brain that we don't know the answers to yet! This educational book for kids introduces complex topics in an age-appropriate way, from how our brains learn and how processes like making memories, thinking, emotions, and sleep happen in the brain. Kids will also learn about the weird and wonderful world of different animal brains and how they impact their behaviour. With entertaining illustrated characters, clear diagrams, and fascinating photographs, children will love learning about their minds and this all-important organ. Complete the series:The Brain Book is an ideal introduction to the brain and nervous system, but why not check out the other titles in this educational book series, The Bacteria Book and The DNA Book - an excellent introduction to science for young readers and a great addition to any library.